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I fell in love with technology at a young age. Using my family's first computer, it wasn't enough to play games or to see what I could do with some software package. I needed to know how it worked... what made it tick... how the pieces fit together.

As I grew older and started a career as a software engineer, my curiosity only grew. That drive to understand the technologies I used to perform my job made me a better technologist. Sometimes, though, the road to deeper understanding was painful. Sometimes the documentation is difficult to find, scattered among blog posts or forums.

I started LEANSTACKS with the idea that technology education should be accessible to everyone.

On the YouTube channel, complex technology concepts are decomposed into a series of structured lessons. Each episode is published in a format that encourages viewers to work alongside the instructor.

In my publications, I share what I have learned throughout two decades as a technology professional. Each book is a journey that we take together, learning while we build and building while we learn. After all, building new tech is fun. Learning something along the way is a bonus.

Matthew Warman


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